Two Tips To Follow When Stocking Up Your Workplace's First Aid Kit

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Two Tips To Follow When Stocking Up Your Workplace's First Aid Kit

19 October 2021
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Here are two tips to follow when stocking the first aid kit in your workplace.

Get natural, organic band-aids

It is best to get organic band-aids that are made from natural materials for the first aid kit. Many people have sensitive skin that reacts badly when any synthetic materials or trace amounts of residue come into contact with it.

If a staff member at your workplace has sensitive skin and gets a bad papercut, then this wound might get more irritated if they put a non-organic band-aid that has residues and other skin-sensitising ingredients in it. This could be particularly problematic if their work requires them to use their wounded body part (for instance, if they have to type on their computer and they have a papercut on their finger that has been made worse by the use of the synthetic, non-organic band-aid).

In a medium to large-sized workplace, the chances of at least a few people having sensitive skin that easily develops reactions to synthetic chemicals will be quite high. As such, it is best to ensure that the band-aids you choose to keep in the workplace's first aid kit can accommodate the needs of these staff members, as well as everybody else.

Look for a natural, cruelty-free and vegan antiseptic cream

In addition to band-aids, all first aid kits should have antiseptic cream. In a workplace first aid kit, this cream should be cruelty-free (meaning that the cream was not tested on animals whilst it was being developed) and vegan (meaning that it contains no animal-derived ingredients). The reason for this is that veganism is hugely popular nowadays and many people prefer to use cosmetics, skincare and medicinal products that are cruelty-free.

In your workplace, there are bound to be some staff members who have these preferences. If these people cut themselves whilst at work and need antiseptic cream, then they might not want to use one that is not cruelty-free and vegan, and might choose to do without this important topical medicine because of their beliefs. Even if they wash the wound with water and put an organic band-aid on it, their decision not to use the antiseptic could result in their wound getting infected and turning into a much bigger health issue. The easiest way to ensure that this does not happen is to put a vegan and cruelty-free antiseptic cream in the first aid kit.