3 Top Benefits of Natural Band-Aids

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3 Top Benefits of Natural Band-Aids

19 January 2021
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Injuries — minor or severe — are a typical occurrence in life, making bandages a necessity. If you do not have any available, you might end up dealing with bacteria-infested wounds. It is usually not a problem in the city since you can find a pharmacy every few blocks. However, did you know that some people are allergic to standard latex band-aids? Moreover, regular bandages contribute significantly towards landfills, making them a nuisance to the environment. It might explain the increased popularity of natural band-aids in hospitals, workplaces, and homes. Here are the key benefits of natural bandages.

They Are 100% Compostable

One of the most significant advantages of natural band-aids is being eco-friendly. Unlike synthetic bandages that end up in landfills since they are not recyclable, natural bandages decompose easily since they are recyclable. For instance, if you have a compost pit in your home for nourishing your vegetable garden, you can throw natural band-aid into the mix once your wound has healed. It reduces the number of latex bandages ending up in the landfills and hurting the environment.

They Do Not Irritate the Skin

If you have used synthetic bandages before, you understand how removing those from a wound can irritate the surrounding skin. In fact, some band-aids can peel off the scab, leaving behind a fresh wound that needs to be covered again. Unfortunately, it only prolongs the healing process. However, you do not have to worry about the pain and discomfort of peeling a bandage off by using natural band-aids. The bandages contain natural adhesives, which are gentle on the skin and fresh wounds, making it easy to wear and comfortable to remove once a wound has healed. Besides, natural adhesives contribute to the healing process by pulling connective tissues together.

They Allow the Skin to Breathe

Oxygen is a critical ingredient in the healing process. However, you get very little of it with synthetic band-aids due to their poor aeration. Most standard band-aids have aeration holes concentrated on the ends and not the disinfected central area. Thus, a wound takes longer to heal if the bandage remains airtight, and the surrounding skin will look pale. In contrast, natural band-aids are breathable since they allow the natural flow of air in and around a wound. Therefore, rather than stunt the healing process, natural band-aids help accelerate it. Additionally, the skin around a wound area remains unaffected regardless of how long you wear a natural bandage.

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