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Welcome to my blog! My name is Richard and today I would like to tell you all about the various ways in which natural health care has helped me. For many years, I have suffered from a bad back. The pain was very intense and even though I had many appointments with my GP and other specialists, none of that seemed to work. My friend suggested that I visit a natural health care practitioner. I was sceptical at first, but after a few session and several back massages, the pain in my back began to disappear. I decided to start a blog to encourage others to use natural health care treatments.

3 Top Benefits of Natural Band-Aids

19 January 2021
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Injuries — minor or severe — are a typical occurrence in life, making bandages a necessity. If you do not have any available, you might end up dealing with bacteria-infested wounds. It is usually not a problem in the city since you can find a pharmacy every few blocks. However, did you know that some people are allergic to standard latex band-aids? Moreover, regular bandages contribute significantly towards landfills, making them a nuisance to the environment. Read More …

Seeking Medical Care for a Relative Who Does Not Speak English

28 August 2017
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Every year, many people immigrate to Australia from abroad to start a new life. If you have moved to Australia from a country where English is not the native language, you may face some difficulties accessing health care and other social services required by a family member who does not speak English. Below is a guide to the steps you can take to help a family member who doesn't speak English access healthcare. Read More …

How physiotherapy can help rehabilitation

2 August 2017
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When you have had surgery on a joint, such as a shoulder or knee, you will have to have the joint immobilised for around 6 weeks or more, depending on your recovery speed. In this time, you will find that the joints begin to weaken and stiffen. This is due to the fact that you are not using those joints on a regular basis. After you have had your rest and heal period, you will then go on to receive physiotherapy. Read More …